Gilded Fox Petal Starter Kit
Gilded Fox Petal Starter Kit
Gilded Fox Petal Starter Kit
Gilded Fox Petal Starter Kit
Gilded Fox Petal Starter Kit
Gilded Fox Petal Starter Kit
Gilded Fox Petal Starter Kit
Gilded Fox Petal Starter Kit

Gilded Fox Petal Starter Kit

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What is it?
The perfect way to discover your favorite PINROSE perfumes!
Kit contains 3 of our bestselling perfumes in petal form: 20 Gilded Fox and 5 each of Secret Genius and Sun Saint.

What’s a petal?
A petal is an innovative way to enjoy PINROSE perfumes; each one contains the perfect dose of fragrance on an ultra-portable towelette.

How do I use them?
Petals are easy to use – just rub the towelette wherever you usually apply perfume.
The 3 scents work harmoniously for personalizing your perfume – layer and play with abandon! Ideal for handbags, gym bags and travel – nothing to break or spill. Petal Starter Kits make fabulous gifts for the fragrance lover.

Good to know:
All PINROSE products are free of toxins, parabens and animal products.

Meet the Scents:

GILDED FOX (20 Petals)
Perfume persona: Glow For It
Artful • Amorous • Lush
Character: Slip into this romantic gourmand with notes of cocoa spice, buttered rum and amber.

Perfume Persona: Whisper Sweet Nothings
Seductive • Comforting • Clever
Character: An intoxicating gourmand with layers of caramel, Madagascan vanilla and sandalwood.

SUN SAINT (5 Petals)
Perfume Persona: Bask in It
Breezy • Sparkling • Chill
Character: Gentle waves of lime, sea salt and sun-warmed coconut wood.


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United States United States
Wonderful fragrance combo!

Longtime Pinrose fan here-love this combo! Gilded fox is spicy and sophisticated, then when you add Secret Genius it smells like a decadent dessert, and combined with Sun Saint it’s breezy and fun. I like the fragrances by themselves and combined, so this kit lets me do all that multiple times.

  • Age: 55 - 64
  • Skin Type: (fragrances last longer on oily skin) Combination
  • Fragrance Weight: Very LightLightMediumHeavyVery Heavy
  • How sensitive are you to fragrances? Not at all sensitive
  • How often to you wear fragrances? Daily
Belinda K.
United States United States
Love the products but,

I am in love with the fragrances and can't decide which one is my favorite. My only disappointment is that a few days after receiving this order I noticed a price drop that would have saved me quite a bit of money. Both items are Christmas gifts and are just sitting here looking at me, reminding me I could have gotten them cheaper had I waited.