Pinrose Petals
Pinrose Petals
Pinrose Petals
Pinrose Petals
Pinrose Petals

Pinrose Petals

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What is it?
12 petals of our eponymous PINROSE perfume.

Lead by the Rose
Perfume persona: Deep • Magnetic • Rich
Character: A regal blend of Bulgarian rose, Turkish clove and patchouli. Named one of the top 5 fragrances in the world at the FiFi Awards in 2015.

What’s a petal?
A petal is an innovative way to enjoy Pinrose perfumes; each one contains the perfect dose of fragrance on a convenient towelette.

How do I use them?
o Petals are easy to use – just rub the towelette wherever you usually apply perfume.
o Layer and personalize your perfume with other Pinrose petal scents – there are 10 different 12-petal packs to choose from.
o Ideal for handbags, gym bags and travel – nothing to break or spill.
o Petals make fabulous gifts for the fragrance lover.

Good to know:
All Pinrose products are clean, vegan and cruelty free.
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A Pinrose Customer
United States United States
Initial buy = love!

I took the scent test and got Pinrose as my top choice. I was very excited at all the possibilities, but wanted to just try the one recommended to me first since I hadn’t had any experience with Pinrose products at all. I love rose scents, so I was expecting to really like this one, which is true. One thing I will say is the initial application can be a little overwhelming/heavy but it very quickly dissipated into a lovely scent. This scent is definitely what it says it is - alluring, musky, feminine, dark. It smells expensive. If you’re into a more fresher/brighter floral scent, this probably wouldn’t be for you. Bonus: I drop the towelettes in my waste bin in my room when I’m done and my room immediately has a lovely floral scent too!

  • Age: 25 - 34
  • Skin Type: (fragrances last longer on oily skin) Dry
  • Fragrance Weight: Very LightLightMediumHeavyVery Heavy
  • How sensitive are you to fragrances? Very sensitive
  • How often to you wear fragrances? Occasionally