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Pillowtalk Poet Petal Kit 8 Count
L.M. (Anderson, IN, US)
This scent!

Most perfumes give me horrible migraines but this scent is so relaxing and subtle that it doesn't affect me. I love the way I smell, people compliment me constantly and it lasts ALL day!

One of a Kind Candle
Satisfied (Springboro, OH, US)

Lovely scent

Lil' Dipper
ANGELA P. (Houston, TX, US)
Lemony and feminine

I love the smell of fresh citrus. This is what you get initially. Almost like fresh squeezed lemon oil. As it dries, you get the floral background and a very feminine and clean scent.

I found the spray to be a little less lemon than the towelettes

The NEW Sampler Kit
T.A. (Dallas, TX, US)
Customer service

I have requested help with my order three times and have received no response I wanted to take advantage of a buy one get one free offer which is now no longer available please don’t put a place to request help if you don’t plan on responding

I really enjoy the scent. It's light, relaxing and long lasting. I can't wait until my lotion gets here so I can layer the scent properly.

Pillowtalk Poet
J.L. (Millbrae, CA, US)

The scent is so unique, it is very feminine and it stays long. I have the petals too and they both last a long time. Also the bottles last a long time, I’ve had the wild child fragrance for like two years and it is still going strong

Tambourine Dreamer Petal Kit 8 Count
R.T. (Florence, OR, US)

This fragrance reminds me off getting off the plane in Hawaii and getting my first breath of the perfumed air. I love it!


This smells SO good! My petals must have leaked because I chose a different one and what came back wasn’t what I had smelled. It was this one, so the quiz was right! It’s clean, fresh, smooth, flowery, it smells incredible! If it’s ever discontinued I will be incredibly disappointed, this is absolutely my new signature scent.

Tambourine Dreamer
B. (North Port, FL, US)
Fresh and Pretty

This was the scent determined to fit my sensory profile quiz. It is a very pretty scent but a little too flowery for my taste.

One of a Kind
B. (North Port, FL, US)
Not a fan

This scent was one of the additional scents in my scent profile but the patchouli and clove just don't do it for me. I tried to wash it off multiple times but I can still smell it.

Smells fantastic. Elevates your mood instantly!

One of a Kind
Sierra R.
Good but different

This scent has less of a fresh scent than the petals, which may have combined or something maybe? Still smells good though!

More Options Please!

I first found out about Pinrose through one of the older discovery kits with these roll-on bottles. Found them in Walmart during the holidays a few years back. The combo then was Secret Genius, Merry Maker and Wild Child. I loved it Secret Genius so much I bought two sets for myself lol.
But I only really favored one of the three options. And with this new set I only really like the Pillowtalk Poet.
I love the roll-on bottles so much though. Much better than the sampler spray bottles. That being said PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a customizable version of the roll-on bottles so I can choose my favorite scents. Or a complete collection with all the scents so I can keep my favorites and gift the others. I just really want these compact roll-on versions. They're so easy to bring with me everywhere. The travel sizes are great for a purse but I daily I'll just put one of these in a pocket and go.

Bold Soul
Candy W. (Dallas, TX, US)
Loved it.

It smells so different on me. Then I imagine

One of a Kind
Candy W. (Dallas, TX, US)
Loved it

I loved the smell. And my boyfriend likes it too

Bold Soul
C. (Oxnard, CA, US)
Bold & Amazing

This scent is so beautiful i dont even know if beautiful is the right word more like ENTICING & WARM! And it lasts it lingers! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I hv the lil small tiny bottle. I desperately need the big bottle!!!

Treehouse Royal
S.B. (Knoxville, TN, US)
Maybe a new favorite!

I just got the petal in the mail today! It’s like a nature -ish smell that is intoxicating. I am about to buy the bottle to add to my Pinrose collection!

Pillowtalk Poet
S.B. (Knoxville, TN, US)
My favorite!

I love pillowtalk poet! I get the most compliments on this when I wear it, and the scent lasts on me all day!

Gilded Fox Petal Kit 8 Count
A.B. (Caledonia, MS, US)
The sweet heat of Gilded Fox

Gilded Fox is pure gold sweet heat. It’s the warm glowing embers popping in the fireplace fragrant with cedar wood, rose petals, and cloves as you sit in the big leather armchair sipping your steaming mug of coffee. It’s the stinging little love bites of an icy cold wind, sharp and strong, all at once giving you the chills yet making your cheeks flush hot. It’s a sinful gourmand seduction of feverish spice and delicately sugared flower petals on ribbons of creamy caramel. Somewhere in the midst you think to yourself
"Omg can it get any better??" but it does
ya'll! It starts to captivate all senses pulling you in deeper with
boozy buttered rum fingers dipped in
chocolate fondue & just when you think
you've found the sweet spot, it unapologetically knocks you
over with it's flow of milky and honeyed amber notes. Take heed. Gilded Fox is not for the faint of heart,
even in all it's deliciousness you can sense
the wildness of it waiting moodily in the
background for you to fall for it's charms
and when you do it's already on top of you ready to
bite once again with the mesmerizing snap of it's
almost forgotten spiciness... which of
course is where it all started in the first
place. Be fully prepared to submit, you may
want to warn others...but then again, maybe not.

Cuddle Punk
Ashley B. (McHenry, IL, US)
Floral and Fruity

Such a fresh, fruity, slightly floral scent that I adore.

Treehouse Royal
Ashley B. (McHenry, IL, US)

I love just about all of the scents really. This one is my absolute favorite though. Every time I wear it, I FEEL amazing because I smell amazing.

Secret Genius
R.A. (Stuart, FL, US)
Lots of Imitators

I see lots of imitators now for this one but this will always be my favorite. Creamy and delicious caramel scent. I have the lotion and a candle too.

Secret Genius
M.W. (Chico, CA, US)
Shocked at the response I got

When I wear Secret Genius I get constant compliments every single time. I've never had a scent give me that kind of attention. Even total strangers will stop me and ask what I'm wearing because I smell so good. Hands down best perfume I've ever had by far.

One of a Kind
Daralyn H. (Madison, MS, US)
My "One of a Kind" Signature Scent

Pinrose's One of a Kind is a highly sophisticated and seductive scent. I've received more complements on this perfume than any other perfume that I've worn. It's a perfect mix of rose, leather, and wood. It's quite mysterious, in that it's not easily accessible: you will not find it at a department store. That's great for those of us who like a unique fragrance. The scent is soft, yet lasts all day, and lingers in a room after you've left. Everyone wants to know what it is and where they can purchase it. The ordering experience is easy and straightforward. Delivery time is standard. I usually keep two to three bottles on hand so that I will never run out.

Secret Genius
Martoinette S. (Mahwah, NJ, US)
Best perfume ever!

Love, love, LOVE!!
This is by far my favorite perfume ever!