Wedding Scents
When It's Time to Say "I Do"

It's Time to Do You

The right wedding scent makes it truly your day.

Our Founders' Stories

Two PINROSE perfumes, Sun Saint and Gilded Fox, were initially created by our founders, Erika Shumate and Christine Luby, for their wedding days.

Our work with master perfumers always includes their point of view as to how important the right fragrance is in making a bride feel the way she wants to feel on her wedding day and making a scent memory that lasts a lifetime.


"I had a pretty big wedding when I got married a couple of years ago. I was stressing out about whether everything had to match. Even for an event like prom, you might wonder if your scent has to match your dress, and if that has to match your flowers. It's overwhelming. I realized that I knew how I wanted to feel, and I wanted to find a scent that did that for me, so I created Sun Saint. It's relaxing and calming and reminds me of really happy days after l've been at the beach and I'm getting ready to go out at night. It's a calm vacation feeling. That's how I wanted to feel, so that's how the scent was created, and I think this approach, of how you want to feel, can work for every bride trying to find her wedding scent."


"For humans, scent is the sense that is most closely linked to memory. Our olfactory bulb lives deep in the limbic system, the ancient and powerful emotional control center of our brain. Originally called Lovebug, Gilded Fox, my wedding scent, is now an emotional fountain of peace and happiness.
I got married on Valentine's Day in snowy Chicago. My husband and I said our "I dos" in the warm glow of an antique furniture store with the wind whipping outside. It was magical, like anyone wants their wedding to feel. And when I really want to feel the memory of my wedding day, I wear Gilded Fox; it's like a scent time capsule and immediately takes me back.
To create it, I called two of my favorite perfumers, David Apel and Carlos Vinals. I knew I wanted something sophisticated, loving, and more than anything, unique. It also had to remind me of who I am and where l've come from, harmonize with the design and vibe of our wedding, and make my husband smile instantaneously.
For me, this ended-up becoming a rich, romantic blend of amber, pomegranate, and cocoa. To intensify the association between the scent and our wedding, I made Gilded Fox candles that we burned throughout the night. The candles also doubled as memorable gifts for all of our wedding guests!"

Falling head-over-heels with a perfume for your wedding is a little like dating; when you find the one that's you, sparks fly.

With 14 PINROSE perfumes to choose from and nearly endless layering combinations to make it truly your own, the scent memory will whisk you back to "I do" for years to come.

For Your Bridal Shower

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For Your Special Day

Once you've found Mr. Right Perfume (our quiz is a good place to start), give a scent memory of your big day to friends and family. One of each makes the perfect special takeaway. Buy 3 get 1 free. Use code WEDDING24 at checkout.